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The comm where you can find out what member of the UK group McFly you are most like!

Welcome to mcfly_badges! A comm where YOU get to find out what member of McFly people think you are most like.

It's easy how it works; you fill out an app, where you must be yourself on, being as truthful as poss and then when you post it, people will read it and then vote which member you remind them most of! You then have four days to gather as many votes as you can - the more votes you get for a certain member, the more rarer your badge will eventually be! ;)

#1. You MUST be a member to join, BUT votes can be done by non-members.

#2. Copy and paste the box (located under the rules in the actual comm) and to prove that you've read these rules, please put "Gimme a badge then!" as your journal title. Fill out the form that you just copied and pasted and be honest with yourself whilst answering the questions. After you're done, post the form to the comm and then you are free to try rustle up votes within FIVE days.

#3. Please be respect others when they vote for you - do NOT rant at them if they decide to vote you as the member you dislike etc. If I find anyone moaning/ranting/flaming, then they are banned from the comm.

#4. When voting, please read the form carefully and think about who in McFly they remind you of. You are free to leave a reason why you had chosen that member (that's very encouraged so you can let the person you are voting for know). Please put the name of the chosen McFly member in BOLDED font. (Code is <*b>put text here<*/b> without the asterisks). If you do not bold your final vote, I or a mod will remind you to. If you continue not to bother bold, then your vote will NOT count when I or a another mod close the voting to count them.

#5. When the five days are up and you have at least 4 votes, then I or a mod will close your votes and count. The member with the most votes you will be crowned with a badge for with a picture whose's rarity depends on how many votes you had recieved for that member. You cannot get any more votes when we close. You will then wait to find out who you got. To be fair, the votes will be screened, so no one can copy anyone else (and YOU cannot encourage anyone to vote for who you wanna be voted as!)

#6. The voting goes like this:
4-6 votes - you recieve the common badge
7-10 votes - you recieve the uncommon badge
11-18 votes - you recieve the rare badge
19 votes or over - you recieve the super rare badge!

#7: When we finally count the votes, you will then get your badge, which will have YOUR username on it, so no one can steal your badge as their own. You can save the badge to your own PB/Tinypic/Imageshack account and feel free to host them in your user info!

#8: What the mods say GOES. Please respect them, they are there for your help and to keep the comm sane and under control.

The Badges
Theses are EXAMPLES; so no point trying to steal them...they are tagged

Danny Jones; common, uncommon, rare & super rare
Tom Fletcher; common, uncommon, rare & super rare
Harry Judd; common, uncommon, rare & super rare
Dougie Poynter; common, uncommon, rare & super rare

All 16 badges are linked to its correct section - you may note stars situated above the pictures; they determinate the rarity. One star means common, two uncommon, three rare and four super rare. Which one would you have?

NOTE: After you get your badge, you are however free to re-do your app if you are not happy with the current badge you have. You have to appeal to the mods first by messaging one of them and explain why you want to re-do your app.

If you are happy, we will then add you to THE HAPPY McBADGE CLUB LIST where people can go in and check which people have what badge - compare and stuff! ;)

We wish to say this:
If You are unhappy with your badge and start to bash the comm/the voters, we will NOT be held responsible for your actions - do not blame us, we are here for fun, spread joy for you guys! Please keep in mind that you will not expect to know what badge to get. We are not here to depress you lot, so we expect some happy faces around here!

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We are looking for affilates - wanna help? Just make sure you comm is McFly related and you can message the mod of your choice with a link to the comm.


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